Badger Chemist Careers


Matt Bowman teaches a class at UW-Madison.
Matt Bowman (Ph.D. 2006, Blackwell) is a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at UW-Madison. (Photo by Lauren Justice | UW-Madison)The Department of Chemistry and Graduate School help graduate students take the next step after they become independent scientists. The Chemistry Graduate Program Office provides in-house career services including: guidance on resumes, cover letters, and research summaries; active files on alumni career information and salaries; connections to employers interested in interviewing chemistry graduate students on-campus.

To prepare students for life after graduate school, the American Chemical Society (ACS) presents an annual two-day workshop in the chemistry building called Kick-Starter to help graduate students understand how skills, values and opportunities intersect to create a satisfying career path. The department’s student organization also sponsors seminars and workshops throughout the academic year to prepare the graduate students for the next step.

UW-Madison subscribes to an on-line recruiting system called Handshake that advertises full-time positions and internships. In the fall and spring, companies come to campus for the annual career fairs. The Graduate School offers professional development workshops on a wide range of relevant topics. Two popular series are “Beyond the Tenure Track” for non-academic employment and “For Future Faculty.” Graduate students completing the Ph.D. in chemistry work in industry, as researchers in academia, as faculty and instructional staff at colleges and universities, and in a wide variety of other career paths that make use of their research and professional skills.