Cutting-Edge Science Prof. Silvia Cavagnero Join our VIBRANT, DIVERSE and FRIENDLY COMMUNITY to do CUTTING-EDGE SCIENCE and play with amazing molecules and instrumentation!
Passion Prof. Shannon Stahl There is such a POSITIVE VIBE and PASSION for science here - the ENERGY I get from interacting with my students and colleagues is INVIGORATING!
Our STUDENTS are AMAZING, our RESEARCH is TOP-NOTCH and pretty much EVERYONE in the department is a GREAT COLLEAGUE. The only ‘con’ I can think of is the sometimes-brutal winters. Thankfully, you can always wear more layers. Top-Notch Research Prof. Ryan Stowe


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Choosing a graduate program is a big decision – and we are excited to be part of that process and to show you all that chemistry at UW–Madison, one of the strongest programs in the US, has to offer. We have world-renowned faculty and research happening – right here, on campus. With hard work, a positive attitude and willingness to learn, you can be part of it!

We encourage you to talk to our faculty and your graduate student hosts. Ask questions and see if our program works with your career goals and if our city is where you want to spend your time. We believe you will find Madison a welcoming place to live, and an even better place to learn.

Our graduate program offers a variety of different research communities in chemistry: analytical, chemical biology, chemistry education, inorganic, materials, organic, and physical. With the help of your research advisor, you may follow any one or combination of these avenues. There are many unanswered questions in science, and this degree is about learning how to find those answers and build on the information you uncover.

We are proud to work with faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping our graduate students grow into active, professional scientists. We believe we, and you, will change the world.

We hope to see you in our department over the coming years.